About Bydalen

The establishment

Here in Bydalen you have the wilderness and the adventures just around the corner. We are Swedens 5’th largest ski resort with 45 slopes, situated about 40 kilometers från Åre and 55 minutes from Stockholm by plane. Easy to reach even with little time at hand.

The building where the restaurant and reception can be found is called ”Wärdshuset” (old word for inn and restaurant) and it was built in 1937. In the beginning it was used as a hotel, and you can still hear people refer to it as ”the old hotel”. Nowadays the building is used for conferences and in stead of the old hotel we have built modern flats to accommodate our guests.


Opening hours

The Restaurant:

Bydalen februari 2010We are now open for the traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord.

contact: info@bydalen.com or +46 643 320 11

Ski shop:

Open from December 2016.


By telephone all days: 09.00-17.00

contact: +46 643 320 11