The Restaurant ”Bydalens Wärdshus”

Gastronomical experiences in the mountains!

You’ll find the Restaurant in the middle of Bydalen, and you can reach the building by car or by skis from the slope. We serve a lunch buffé, salads and a children’s buffé. On some days we arrange after ski with live music and of course the bar is filled with all sorts of beverages.

For dinner we focus on Swedish dishes together with European gastronomy.

If you wish to enhance the experience, we can come up with solutions for actually serving your food outside on the mountain.

Welcome to ”Bydalens Wärdshus”!


Opening hours

The Restaurant:

Bydalen februari 2010We are now open for the traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord.

contact: or +46 643 320 11

Ski shop:

Open from December 2016.


By telephone all days: 09.00-17.00

contact: +46 643 320 11

Table reservations

contact:  or +46 643 320 72